Simple helpdesk to AppFun users

What is Appfun?

Appfun is the best reward app that enables you to get free gift cards and PayPal cash by performing simple tasks like playing games, watching videos or inviting your friends to get the app too.

Where can I find my invitation code to invite friends?

Your invitation code can be found on your profile tab at the page bottom.

What is the invitation code?

Your invitation code is a unique identity code assigned to your account. It earns you 3000 + 10 % Fun coins each time someone you invite enters it while registering.

Where can I see the number of people I have invited?

Scroll to your profile tab then click on it to check the number of people who registered through you.

How can I invite new referrals?

To invite new referrals, copy your invitation code from your profile and then share it on your favourite social media or pages.

You can also share your code on Google Playstore in the feedback comments

What if I run an Instagram/Youtube channel etc?

The Appfun app comes with a VIP account function for individuals who have social accounts with a large following from 1000 subscribers/followers upwards. If you want to earn more from your refferals simpy contact us at: support@appfun.io.

How long does it take to earn a reward for any completed task?

It usually takes a few minutes but exceptional cases can take up to 48 hours.

When will new tasks appear on the app as I have completed all available tasks on it?

Our team of developers are constantly working to provide fresh tasks on daily basis.

Why do I get redirected to a white blank page or wrong app when I want to complete a task?

When this happens, it means the daily limit for that task completion has been reached or paused by our partner.

Simply move to the next task available when you have this challenge as the system has been set to automate the process making beyond our control.

What happens when I complete the task but don't receive any promised Fun coin?

If this occurs, it could mean you have already installed the app required for this task before or you didn't follow the task rules as directed.

How do I request for a payout?

To collect your reward, enter the Rewards tab and then select a reward that you wish to receive.

IMPORTANT! You must confirm that the email address you have in your profile tab is correct. We would not be held responsible for any errors on your part. Emails can be changed as preferred.

When will I get my reward?

All requested rewards are sent within 24 hours.

What if I don't receive the reward on time?

If this happens, please check the Spam folder of your email. If it isn't there, write us a mail at: support@appfun.io

How does the account leveling system work?

For every task completed you earn experience points which means moving to a higher level. As you move to a higher level and complete tasks, you earn more Fun Coins!

What activities can get my account banned?

Our regulations prohibit the creation of multiple accounts, use of VPN (Virtual Private Networks), proxy servers, emulators, bots and other malicious software.

Can I change my account email or password information?

Yes! You can change this information on the profile tab of your account.

Can I use different devices for the app?

Yes, multi-device usage is possible. However, multiple accounts by one user isn't allowed.